Image for LC23 Captive Pusher Linear Actuator

LC23 Captive Pusher Linear Actuator

  • A leadscrew nut is integrated into the motor rotor, and a leadscrew passes through the center of the motor driving an integral plunger in and out. 
  • The plunger is supported by a housing that is part of the motor providing a complete assembly with a shaft that moves in and out. 
  • No separate supports are needed for the screw or nut. 
  • The LC Series captive actuators are a fully integrated small size actuator with quiet operation ideal for plungers or pushers and perform well in sort­ing or assembly operations. 
  • Five frame sizes: NEMA 08, 11, 14, 17, 23 
  • Multiple motor lengths and motor sizes 
  • Each motor size has a wide range of lead screws
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