VCF Constant Force Anti-Backlash Rectangle Nut

VCF Rectangle Nut - Constant Force Anti-Backlash

The rectangle nut is available in either Constant Force Technology or a standard nut, as well as a diverse group of diameters and leads. The patent pending Constant Force Lead Screw line from PBC Linear uses a method to apply uniform pressure to the nut at all stages of the motion profile. Compare this to a traditional anti-backlash nut which has a variable twisting force that can result in a loss of pressure on the nut.

  • Superior Performance: 2-4x less backlash over the life of the device, as validated by leading lab automation customer testing
  • Self-lubricating: All nut styles offered are self-lubricating for the life of the nut
  • CNC Roll Threading: Allow for standard accuracies of .003”/ft. (2-3 times better than the competition). Precision lead accuracy of .001”/ft is available upon request.
  • Smooth is better: Proprietary process has resulted in less pitting and flanking, which results in longer life. Internal and customer testing have the screw/nut combination lasting at 6,000 miles in continuous duty. (application dependent)
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Optional PTFE coating lowers friction and increases efficiency
  • Machined journals available to suit application requirements
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