Bearings Absorb Recoil for Vaccines



Simplicity Plain bearings

Retrofit or OEM:



A needle-free injection gun for mass livestock vaccination required a linear bearing system to absorb recoil.


Simplicity bearings provided even disbursement of forces throughout the bearing for smooth, reliable travel.

Benefits to livestock and workers

Colpitts, using a simplified approach, was able to reduce moving components and make the design more cost-effective while still adhering to the criteria defined by Acushot. The final product was a lightweight, compact, and battery powered needle-less injection unit that packed up to 28,000 psi delivery pressure, while concurrently documenting each injection.

The Simplicity plain bearings can withstand the system parameters and harsher environments of this application, including 650 lbs of force that acts continuously on the bearings while under extreme temperatures and outdoor working conditions. The bearings accomplish this by gliding via a proprietary Teflon liner. This provides even disbursement of forces throughout the bearing while allowing for smooth, reliable travel. In contrast, bronze and linear ball bushings would have spalled the shafting under the high forces and short strokes, accumulating and contaminating the system and ultimately resulting in catastrophic failure.

Now, when production personal use the new vaccine gun, no needle trauma recovery is necessary for the animals. In fact, the livestock do not even take notice when given their injection with the new injector from Acushot. The device also reduces the diameter of the injection mark to about one-eighth of the previous size. Simplicity bearings from PBC Linear have helped to make the Acushot system easy to use, with no extra vaccine containers, improved productivity, and improved overall health in stockyards and barnyards worldwide.

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