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Integral-V Technology (IVTABK)

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Building a mobile 3D printing and CNC system that will operate in a variety of conditions requires multi-axis linear motion hardware that is robust, works within a defined space, easily integrate into the mobile design, and visually appealing.


The Integral-V two-piece carriage and rail system offered an easy installation solution with less hardware, flexible mounting options, and superior resistance to the toughest environments.

This system is responsible for the fine-tuned movement of the additive and subtractive manufacturing heads. For the measure of flexibility, the hardware needed to meet the demands of dirty, harsh environments such as dust and temperature variations, and endure rough transport. Accuracy in linear travel and repeatability was also critical. For the installation requirement, the hardware would need to work within a defined space, and easily integrate into the overall design. In addition to these technical requirements, there was a desire to have hardware that was visually appealing.

The linear motion solution

The engineers at MilleBot were able to work with representatives from PBC Linear to investigate a variety of products that would be best suited for their mobile manufacturing system. They concluded that the Integral-V Technology (IVT) would satisfy the needs for their linear motion gantry, implementing it along both the X and Y axes of the machine.

Millebot and Integral-V Application Story: Figure 2

The Integral-V two-piece carriage and rail system offered an easy installation solution with less hardware, along with flexible mounting options. Hardened stainless steel engineering and V-raceways provided superior resistance to the toughest environments, allowing the machine to function under potential adverse conditions. Accuracy was more than sufficient for the directional and repeatable motion, and the machined rail edges offered rigidity and smooth linear motion. In fact, once the prototype was equipped with IVT, the MilleBot team was impressed with being able to move X-Y gantry with one finger.

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Figure 3 Image for IVT Application Story: Millebot