Plain Bearings in Cooling Equipment Manufacturing



DDS 24 (Simplicity Round Die Set Double Flange Mount) modified to accept FL 32 bearing

Retrofit or OEM:



Factory Automation


Heavy salt content in the air caused severe corrosion, resulting in bronze bearings and shafts that would fail every 6 weeks.


Performance was extended by using DDS 24 Double Flange Mounts, and then modifying to accept FL 32 bearings.

Manufacturer of picnic coolers & ice chests improves linear motion performance

A manufacturing facility of cooling equipment boasts a 24-hour continuous operation involving two post hydraulic presses. Each press is comprised of 2-inch round shafting. This machinery operates within the foam insulating area of the plant, and therefore experiences severe contamination from the over-spray of foam. The main problem was heavy salt content in the air, which caused severe corrosion. As a result, bronze bearings and shafts would fail every 6 weeks due to contamination and the subsequent loss of lubrication.

The PBC Linear solution

Bronze bearings were replaced with DDS 24 Double Flange Mounts, and then modified to accept FL 32 bearings. Four sets were used per fixture.

Results / ROI

The DDS 24 bearings have been working for two years without incident or downtime. The customer has been pleased with the extended performance of the bearings, and the ability to now produce and ship this seasonal product on time.