Repeatable Motion in Putting Kiosk




Retrofit or OEM:





An interactive putting robot required a linear motion system with high rigidity, smooth/consistent travel and reliability.


IVT is designed to be rigid, precise, and cost effective. 

The PBC Linear solution

Based on the design requirements, PBC Linear recommended their Integral-V™ Technology (IVT) linear guides for adjustment. IVT products use cam rollers to smoothly glide along the races; which aids in emulating the putting stroke of a golfer. Integral-V linear guides are designed to be rigid, precise and cost effective.

Using hardened steel races directly embedded into precision machined structural aluminum framing, IVT products streamline assembly by eliminating fasteners and unnecessary mounting components, reducing cost, weight and assembly time. IVT rail is SIMO™ machined to ensure it holds tight tolerances and rigidity throughout the length of the rail. The end result was a streamlined motion control assembly that simulated the smooth and consistent putting motion of each golfer.

Results / ROI

The RoboPutt kiosk has been shown to be one of the best tools for improving a golfer’s putting score since the eraser. The putting assembly uses the precise travel of the linear guides to build muscle memory so the golfer can learn to consistently reproduce a winning swing every time. Using PBC Linear’s design, RoboPutt was able to reduce their motion control assembly by 30% and helped to maintain an overall ergonomic and lightweight putting experience.