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Need Help Finding Your Product Solution?

Q1: What is the orientation of your system?

Q2: What environmental condition best describes your application?

Q3: Does your application required corrosion resistance?

Q4: What are the temperature conditions for your application?

Q5: What degree of precision does your application require?

Q6: What is the maximum static load of your application?

Q7: What is the maximum speed of your application?

Given your criteria, PBC Linear would recommend the following

Automation Solutions Powered by PBC Linear Products

Automation 1
Automation 2

Reduce Cobot Downtime

Cycle parts to cobot to extend its operational time at your machine center.

Cobot Feeder
Automation 1
Automation 2

3D Printing for the Shop

Large format 3D printing to reduce time assembling smaller parts.

3D Platform