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Cobot Feeder

Our Cobot Feeder is designed to boost cobot production without significant increases in labor. This ​versatile tool provides a standardized platform for storing, staging, and safely delivering parts into a position where they can be consistently loaded and unloaded via a cobot device. The Cobot Feeder is a UR cobot application kit that solves material handling and labor shortage issues while achieving a higher return on investment.

We are proud to announce our Cobot Feeder has received Universal Robots+ (UR+) partner certification. The UR+ platform is a comprehensive ecosystem of certified partner products designed to seamlessly integrate with collaborative robot arms manufactured by Universal Robots (UR). Download the press release.

Why the Cobot Feeder?

See the Cobot Feeder up close during a Linear Motion Roadshow demo event -- Learn How!

Our experiences with the implementation of cobots taught us that a single tray of parts did not take advantage of a cobot’s full potential. At any given moment, operators might be called to other tasks or change shifts, resulting in significant cobot downtime. In other words, cobots were spending more time idling. In addition, the vision systems required to pick parts from a bin were not reliable, so a more consistent solution was needed. The in-house solution was to build the Cobot Feeder system.


How does it work?

The central lift table rises and lowers to pull parts trays from a securely positioned dunnage rack tower and place them in a repeatable position for the cobot. The cobot can be mounted directly to the Cobot Feeder or to a swivel arm that provides flexibility in accessing the machines. Programming to coordinate between machines is a simple process through an HMI on the ASRS or with the PBC Linear UR Cap.

The system features a vertical lead screw-driven shelf and a horizontal tray loader/unloader that provide accurate and repeatable motion. The rack eliminates the need for a worker to periodically remove and reload material from the cobot work zone. It also offers open-spaced shelving that accommodates various part sizes up to 18-inches in height and offers station-to-station mobility. It also employs flexible, cost-effective, and customer molded or machined nests that offer infinitely customizable dunnage trays. Trays can be turned around in a day to meet specific customer application requirements, and therefore quickly accommodate new product introductions.The result is a significant boost in robot productivity from 10- to 20-times that of standard means.


Our solution was to design and build an innovative and flexible Cobot Feeder that substantially increases robot productivity. The repeatable action of the Cobot Feeder in conjunction with the parts trays results in consistent robot performance. With the Cobot Feeder from Applied Cobotics, robots can now run longer unattended projects, include a higher mix of parts, and ultimately achieve lights-out production. This means a greater return on investment for your entire automation system. Calculate your ROI


The Cobot Feeder includes a base storage and retrieval unit with cobot stand, enclosed steel rack dunnage tower with a 17-tray capacity that safely stores up to 50-lbs of material, a Mitsubishi HMI touch screen display for easy lift control, Ethernet IP, Modbus, and standard UR cobot communications. Robot and gripper are not included:

  • Compatible with UR5e, UR10e, UR16e & UR20
  • 90-day ROI on investment
  • Run operations lights out (24/7)
  • Easily position multiple part racks

Technical Details

Software Version Required:

  • E-series: Polyscope version 5.9.1 or higher.


  • 220v single phase


  • Standard fixed robot mount 77" x 72" x 78"(LWH) with rack and 77" x 54" x 78" without rack
  • Standard aluminum or stainless tray dimensions: 18″ x 26″
  • Weight: 1400 lb
  • Tray Tower capacity: 17 Trays
  • Max tray capacity: 50 lb

What's in the Box?

  • Cobot Feeder - Base storage and retrieval unit with cobot stand
  • Rack Tower - Steel Enclosed Rack with a 17 Tray Capacity (Trays sold separately)
  • Mitsubishi HMI touch screen display for easy lift control and Modbus com ports
  • Ethernet IP/Modbus compatibility, plus standard UR cobot comms


  • Built-in safety interlock system on dunnage rack
  • Light curtain guards the robot access window
  • Light curtain protect objects under robot
  • Light curtain protects the gap left when rack is removed

License Type

  • One time purchase
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