Rail and Slider for Redi-Rail Linear Guide (Inch)

Redi-Rail Linear Guide (Inch) - RR Rail and RRS Carriage

Redi-Rail® Inch Rails are precision machined for optimum accuracy and parallelism. An aluminum rail integrated with hardened steel races ensure a lightweight design without sacrificing strength. Redi-Rail Inch Rails are equipped with counter-bore mounting holes for quick installation over multiple orientations. They can be optimized for corrosion resistance with 440 stainless steel races and can be implemented in several applications; such as automated vending, robotic dispensing, large format door-frames, industrial linear guidance and material handling.

Redi-Rail Inch carriages are an economical solution designed for precision linear guidance and to last in tough industrial, machine tool and other dirty environments. The carriage body is composed of anodized aluminum alloy and include tapped mounting holes, bearings are integrally sealed double-row ball bearings that are lubricated for life. Using a Gothic arch roller design, the Redi-Rail Inch carriage glides over particulates along the rail for assured, repeatable transfer. As of the 4th quarter of 2019, a lubrication option will be available at the time of purchase for all inch series Redi-Rail carriages. This will allow customers to request factory-assembled lubrication to one or both sides of the carriage via mounting holes that will come standard on all inch series carriages. Redi-Rail Inch carriages are a perfect solution for high speed and moderate load applications across several industries. NOTE: Rails and Carriages must be ordered as individual items below.

  • Available in lengths up to 6 m (19ft)
  • Factory-assembled lubrication option available for both sides of carriage (4th quarter of 2019)
  • Medium speed transfer 4 m/s (158 in/s) Maximum
  • Maximum load up to 3780N (850 lbs)
  • Withstands temperatures up to 80°C (176°F)
  • Hardened Steel or 440 Stainless Steel gothic arch rollers and shaft raceways for high accuracy travel
  • Precision machined rail for high parallelism - Shaft raceways parallel within 0.050 mm/0.002’’
  • Rail straightness +/-0.50 mm/300 mm (+/-0.002 in/foot)
  • Shaft raceways on rail must be lubricated. Recommended that white lithium based grease be applied every 50,000 cycles
  • End joinable for long-length transfer systems
  • Wheels include integral seals to provide protection in contaminated environments
  • Factory fixed preload fit to rail
  • Rollers lubricated for life
  • Corrosion resistant version available
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