NIMSS (Inch) Solid and PreDrilled Stainless Steel Linear Shafting

NIMSS (Metric) Stainless Steel Linear Shafting

PBC Linear ISO metric stainless steel shafting (NIMSS) is case hardened to approximately RC 50 Plus and suitable for use with Simplicity FrelonGOLD® lined bearings and linear ball bearings. PBC Linear provides the most uniform surface hardness and depth of hardness across a range of sizes, offering increased performance. In addition, all metric 440 stainless steel shafting is ground and polished within a consistent surface finish range resulting in a higher level of predictable performance. This surface finish results in more evenly distributed loading, decreased amount of wear and particulate generation, and reduced drag. Finally, the undeviating dimensional tolerances along the entire length of the inch steel shafting maximize consistent bearing operation.

  • Solid round metric stainless steel shafting is available in metric sizes from 4 mm thru 30 mm, and lengths to 4.5 meters
  • 440 stainless steel material for corrosion resistance
  • Diameter tolerance is Class M
  • Surface finish 8-12 RMS
  • Standard cut to length tolerance of .8 mm (+/- 0.795 mm) to customer specification
    • 4 mm – 30 mm shaft = ± 0.8 mm
    • 40 mm – 50 mm shaft = ± 1.6 mm
    • 60 mm – 80 mm shaft = ± 3.2 mm
  • Custom end machining available upon request
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