Getting Your Flat Screen on Track




Retrofit or OEM:





To support the mobility required, the linear guide needed to be durable enough to handle the moment load of the flat-screen and Trak-kit™ mount, easily maneuvered for ergonomic use, and compact for aesthetic architectural appeal.


IVT eliminates the bulky components, saving on space. The technology can also be optimized to fit into existing aluminum framing to maximize compact linear guidance and give the finished design enhanced aesthetic quality.

Once installed, Integral V proved to be very effective in the ergonomic mobility of the Trak-kit system. Able to support high cantilevered loads (static 255 N-m/188 lbf and dynamic 288 N-m/207 lbf); Integral V suspended various flat-screens—weighing up to 150 lbs—for full visibility. Trak-kit also used a low profile, flat plate Integral V carriage to ensure a compact (53 mm), eye-pleasing design. The end result was a low profile, aesthetically pleasing ergonomic system that gave flat-screen viewing free mobility across an interior space.

SHAdi + Company’s Trak-kit system has been applied everywhere: apartments, houses, medical centers, offices and television studios.